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    09/07 2021 Seminar
    • Title題目 Why are gravitational wave sources so massive? 引力波源為何這么重?
    • Speaker報告人 Xian Chen (北京大學天文系)
    • Date日期 2021年9月7日 15:00
    • Venue地點 ITP South Building 6420 南樓6420
    • Abstract摘要

      Measuring the mass and distance of a gravitational wave (GW) source is a fundamental problem in GW astronomy. It relies on accurate waveform templates. The current templates are developed assuming that the sources are residing in a vacuum, but astrophysical models predict that the sources could form in gaseous environments, move with relatively large velocity, or reside in the vicinity of supermassive black holes.  In this talk, I will demonstrate how the above environmental factors could distort the GW signal and lead to an incorrect estimation of the physical parameters. These effects, if not appropriately accounted for in the GW data analysis, may alter our understanding of the formation, evolution, and detection of compact objects and black holes.